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A Comparative Dictionary of the Mind
A comparative dictionary of various semantics of notions associated with mind which is differently structuralized by languages, cultures, and the fields of studies.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>사전학
A Compendium of Manchu Language and Literature
A full-text database of 20 Manchu books which were published from the Qing and the Joseon, with translations and interpretation of those to Korean and Chinese.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>언어학>역사/비교언어학
A Glossary for Building the Knowledge Map of Research Papers in the Field of Humanities & Social Sciences
A directory of meanings, concepts, attributes and relationships among 55,236 academic terms which are used in the field of humanities, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>사전학
A Study on Establishment of Social Economic Infrastructure through Korea's Social Economic DB Construction
This database is a social economic comprehensive database that is structured so that professionals and ordinary people can easily search for and access information on social and economic organizations.
학술연구분야분류 : 사회과학>사회과학일반사회과학정보
A Study on Repatriation of the Victims Who were Compulsorily Moblilzed during the Japanese Colonial Era
Collections of government documents, trial materials, military reports, and press releases in Japan and the United States regarding a marine accident of the Ukishima ferry.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>역사학>역사일반>정치사(역사학)
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