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A Comparative Dictionary of the Mind
A comparative dictionary of various semantics of notions associated with mind which is differently structuralized by languages, cultures, and the fields of studies.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>사전학
A Glossary for Building the Knowledge Map of Research Papers in the Field of Humanities & Social Sciences
A directory of meanings, concepts, attributes and relationships among 55,236 academic terms which are used in the field of humanities, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>사전학
Comparative Dictionary of French-Russian Cultural Topoi
A dictionary which contains comparative interpretations between French and Russian culture focused on the notion Topos.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>프랑스어와문학>프랑스문학>비교문학(프랑스문학)
Compilation of the Buddhist Encyclopedia Kasan Bulgyo Daesarim
(comprising a report on the database portion only from the publication and creation of a database of volumes 17, 18, and 19 [out of a total of 22 vols]). The database comprises a system of a total of 1,344 categories with 6,400 Buddhist or Buddhist-related headwords on 1800 sheets [ranging from vol.17 to vol. 19] covering 8 major branches dealing with geographical regions × 12 mid-level branches on the ideology of each era × 14 minor branches of keywords [80 subordinate keywords]
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>사전학
Cyclopedia of the European Studies
The European Cyclopedia DB is a comprehensive database that outlines the elements related to European Studies. All headwords are categorized into several themes for convenience in searching, and new headwords can be added to the heading searched by the associative function.
학술연구분야분류 : 사회과학>정치외교학>지역정치
DB Construction of Terminology Dictionary of the Jewish Studies
Jewish Study Terminology Dictionary Database’ deals with various subjects such as politics, economics, society, culture, religion, history and geography which centered on Jews and Judaism.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>사전학
DB of Multimedia Transformation of Women in Myths and Literature
has compared and analyzed the prototype contents of 402 women appearing in the myths and literatures of the East and the West and 1,605 transformed contents through various media in terms of content and media. And the results were made into DataBase.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>문학>기타문학
Database of Translated Korean Cultural Terms
Database of Korean culture terms translated into Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Russian
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>통역번역학>통역번역
Developing a bibliographic database as a tool for bibliotherapy research and practice
This database provides the information on the books and scholarly articles written in widely speaking languages including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German, and Spanish. It will benefit general public as well as researchers interested in bibliotherapy research and practice.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>사전학
Dictionary compilation of the Humnities & Culture in the spanish cultural area
A dictionary of 500 main headings and 7,500 sub-headings that are selected from humanistic and cultural fields of Spanish speaking areas.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>스페인어와문학>스페인문학>황금세기문학(스페인문학)
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