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A Basic Research on International Organizations
Comprehensive and systematic analysis on 30 major international organizations and reviews on challenging issues confronting those organizations.
학술연구분야분류 : 사회과학>정치외교학>국제정치>국제기구/조직
A Compendium of Korean Film History
Reconstitution data of Korean film history by tracing, gathering and managing materials about Korean film around the world.
학술연구분야분류 : 예술체육>영화>영화일반>영화사
An Analytical Compilation of the Manusmrti and Its Commentaries
A entire Korean translation of the slokas of the Manusmriti with various commentaries and interpretations of the text.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>기타동양어문학>인도어문학
Civic Education in Korean Universities : A Series
A wide array of materials on civic education around the world, including histories, a present situation, programs, and teaching methods of higher education institution.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>철학>철학일반>정치/사회철학
Muslim Society's Norms and Realities Represented by Fatwa
Analytical data of collected Fatwa related with norms and realities on Muslim Society.
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>종교학>이슬람
The publication project for korean edition of collected works of I. Kant
This Research executed by Korean Kant Society is a cooperative work to translate the completed works of Kant into Korean and to publish the results
학술연구분야분류 : 인문학>철학>서양철학>서양근대독일철학
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