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Index of Culinary Terms in 17-19th Century Korean Culinary Manuscripts
Information about 1,821 terms on 29 books of culinary manuscripts in the Joseon dynasty available to researchers who study Korean linguistics and food sciences
The Achievements of Standardization Process of Chinese Characters
The orginal and variant forms of over 21,000 Chinese characters
Korean-Japanese Organizations during Japanese Imperialism
Details of 460 Korean-Japanese organizations during Japanese Imperialism focusing their career, period, areas of activities
Web Database Service of Korean-Sino Poems during the Colonial Era
Access to metadata and full texts of 19,000 Korean-Sino poems contained in 43 species of media sources
XML Digital Collection of Sijo Texts in the Period of Modern Enlightenment
The bibliographies and full texts of Sijo written during the late 19th century and the early 20th century
Archives of ‘Saemaul Undong’ in the Park Chung-hee Era
Access to more than 10,000 materials and full texts of Saemaul Undong
News Cataloges of the Busan Ilbo in Japanese Colonial Period
Cataloges of more than 42,000 articles published in the Busan Ilbo form 1914 to 1944
Supplementation and Database Setup of Catalan-Korean Dictionary
Services of 34,000 Catalan words and their semantics
Motive Database for Developing Story Bank
Various information of 86 motive words including the representative works, connected motif, accessible full texts useful to researchers and interested users
Terminology Dictionary of Korean Costume
Meaning and sense of more than 1,700 Korean costume terms, and introduction to Chinese and English notation of those terms
Statistics on China Maritime Customs(1859-1948)
China's trade statistics based on the analysis of trade materials at the maritime customs from 1859 to 1948
Cataloges of Siku Quanshu
Explaninations, annotations and interpretations of 10,443 orginal texts in Siku Quanshu Zongmu Tiyao
The 68 Movement in France and Germany
An overview of the 68 movement with images and vedios subtitled in Korean
Korean SP Records Korean Phonographic Records Catalogues of Korean phonographic records produced before independence in 1945
Catalogues of Korean phonographic records produced before independence in 1945
World Music Dictionary on Genre Terms in Korean Language
Definitions of over 3,000 music terms by genres, nations and ethnic groups
German-Korean Dictionary of Social Sciences
Meanings and senses of over 24,000 German academic terms in the field of social sciences
The Modern Korean Philosophical Materials on the Newspapers and Magazines during the Japanese Imperialism Era (1910-1945)
Access to 1,031 philosophical materials published in newspapers and magazines during the Japanese Imperialism era
Development Database of Basic Research on National Education of Language and Literature in Modern Korea
Systematic collection and organization of modern Korean language data for 140 years
General DB construction for 15th and 16th century Joseon paintings in foreign countries
Listing of 15th and 16th century paintings of early Joseon Dynasty located in foreign countries
Lifting of North Korean cultural blackout and DB construction
Making [Immortal History], a series of books that dealt with the armed struggles against Japan of “Kim Il-sung,“ a political and social leader of the North Korean society, and his achievements in DB after the liberation with four kinds of subjects such as
① history and philosophy terms, ② name of persons, ③ daily life terms, and ④ articles
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