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자기조립 유기초분자의 분자배향
Reports NRF is supported by Research Projects( 자기조립 유기초분자의 분자배향 | 2005 Year 신청요강 다운로드 PDF다운로드 | 윤동기(한국과학기술원) ) data is submitted to the NRF Project Results
Researcher who has been awarded a research grant by Humanities and Social Studies Support Program of NRF has to submit an end product within 6 months(* depend on the form of business)
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  • Researchers have entered the information directly to the NRF of Korea research support system
Project Number D00018
Year(selected) 2005 Year
the present condition of Project 종료
State of proposition 재단승인
Completion Date 2007년 10월 28일
Year type 결과보고
Year(final report) 2007년
Research result report
  • Abstract
  • Orientation ordering of a synthetic perfluorinated supramolecule containing a hydrophilic core group and perfluorinated tails is strongly affected by the functionality, molecular shape, surface anchoring and magnetic field. Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), synchrotron X-ray diffraction, polarized light microscopy (PLM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) results show that the molecule exhibits hexagonal columnar mesophase upon cooling from isotropic phase. The orientation of the columns was controlled by surface anchoring; the columnar axes were perpendicular to the hydrophobic carbon substrates, while planar alignment is favored on hydrophilic surfaces. Furthermore, the columnar domains align with the magnetic field lines, which is due to diamagnetism of these fanshaped molecules containing aromatic rings. We show that the magnetic-induced alignment is much effective for the large-scale control of the orientation of the perfluorinated columnar mesophase.
  • Research result and Utilization method
  • We have shown that the magnetic-field alignment is induced as a result of the diamagnetic character of the aromatic rings within the inner core of the supramolecular columns. It is important to emphasize that building blocks are composed of aromatic rings and rigid biphenylene moieties, and the original nano-sized architecture is not destroyed under the influence of an external force. Thus, it is likely that the ability of these materials to self-organize is not smaller than the effect of the given magnetic field.
    본 사업 결과는 PHYSICA B 에 게재되었으며, 이러한 결과를 바탕으로 2007.10월 인터넷 상으로 게재완료되어 출판예정인 세계적인 학술지(Imapact factor: 19)인 Nature Materials(제목: Internal structure visualization and lithographic use of periodic toroidal holes in liquid crystals)에 까지 연결되어 세계적인 연구성과를 이룰 수 있었다.
  • Index terms
  • Perfluorinated supramolecule; Small-angle neutron scattering; Surface anchoring; Magnetic field; Orientation
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